Sprotbrough & Cusworth Parish Council

Serving the people of Sprotbrough & Cusworth

Clerk: Ms Emma Garner
The Goldsmith Centre, 259
Sprotbrough Road, Sprotbrough
South Yorkshire DN5 8BP

Tel: 01302 788093

Transparency and Finance

Parish Council Action Plan 2023-24

The Parish Council Action Plan sets out how the Parish Council will work for the residents and business of Sprotbrough and Cusworth. It sets out the activities and projects the Parish Council will commence or complete within 2023/24. The action plan is split into three categories; People, Place and Provision. The Action Plan will be reviewed annually.

Financial Policies


The Parish Council is subject to annual external audit.

External Audit 2022-23

The documents below set out the audit documents for 2022-23.

The public right of inspection of the Parish Council's financial documents will take place between 28th June 2023 and 8th August 2023. If you would like to view these documents please email the responsible finance officer on rfoscpc@btconnect.com to arrange a mutually convenient time.

External Audit 2021-22

The documents below set out the completed Audit documents for 2021-22

External Audit 2019-20

The documents below set out the documents for the 2019-20 financial year including information relating to the precept.

External Audit 2018-19

Below are the completed external audit forms for 2018-19

Internal Audit

The Parish Council also undertakes an internal audit process twice a year with an independent auditor. The latest internal audit report is below.


Each year the Parish Council sets its budget for the following financial year. This is based on current activities and income and those expected for the following year taking into account the agreed Action Plan.

Parish Council monthly payments

The Parish Council is required to comply with Local Government Transparency Code 2014. The code requires that the council publishes details of each individual item of expenditure that exceeds £500. The Parish Council produces a schedule of accounts which sets out these items of expenditure which is approved by the Parish Council at its monthly meetings.

All of our Payment of Accounts can be found in the Documents section

Fees and charges

The Parish Council set its fees and charges for its facilities every year.

Asset Register