Sprotbrough & Cusworth Parish Council

Serving the people of Sprotbrough & Cusworth

Clerk: Ms Emma Garner
The Goldsmith Centre, 259
Sprotbrough Road, Sprotbrough
South Yorkshire DN5 8BP

Tel: 01302 788093

Climate Change

The Parish Council at its meeting on 17th December 2020 resolved to;

  1. Acknowledge and accept the findings of the IPCC Special Report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5°C;
  2. Acknowledge progress made to date by the Parish Council in mitigating and adapting to climate change;
  3. Declare a 'Climate Emergency' to align with the declaration made by Doncaster Council in September 2019;
  4. Set up a Climate Change Working Group who will investigate the development of action points and pledges to integrate with the Parish Council Action Plan. This group will make recommendations to the Performance, Review and Staffing Committee and thereafter Full Council.

The full report can be found below. Further information relating to climate change can be found on Doncaster Council's website and for ways in which you can help more information can be found on Team Doncaster's website. Information will be available relating to the measures the Parish Council will be looking to implement will be available on this page shortly.

Climate Change Action Plan

The Parish Council has set up a Climate Change Working Group to look at how the Parish Council can support residents to reduce their carbon footprint. It will also look at the activities of the Parish Council. A draft action plan has been produced which sets out the actions we will be looking at.

One of our aims relates to the use of water and the Parish Council has set aside a budget to provide water butts to residents at a subsidised rate. Two options are available; a larger 210ltr butt (£25.00) or a smaller 100ltr butt (£15.00). If you would like more information or to register your interest please contact us

Other useful resources

The Urban Forestry and Woodland Advisory Committee Network have produced a guide setting out that Local authorities, planners, urban designers, developers and local community members all have an interest in creating good places to live. How trees and woodlands in our towns, the urban forest, bring us many benefits. This paper highlights how local authorities, planners, urban designers and developers can use tree canopy cover data from towns and cities across England to maintain and enhance the benefits from the urban forest. Local communities can also use this data to influence the management of trees in their area.

MCS is a standards organisation who create and maintain standards that allows for the certification of products, installers and their installations. MCS certifies low-carbon products and installations used to produce electricity and heat from renewable sources.
A mark of quality. Membership of MCS demonstrates adherence to these recognised industry standards; highlighting quality, competency and compliance. To search their website use the following link.

The Buglife website sets out actions everyone can take to preserve and protect insect life around the parish.

How to make a bird box

Ever wondered how to make a bird box for your garden. This handy guide shows you how to make a simple box. Send us a photo of your completed box and enjoy the birds nesting.