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Notice of Elections published

Doncaster Council have now published the Notice of Elections with nominations for the Parish Council elections opening today. Further information can be found on the Parish Council Elections web page.

Posted: Tue, 23 Mar 2021 10:13 by Ms Emma Garner

Parish Council elections 2021

Information on the Parish Council elections including the nomination process please can be found on our dedicated web page.

Posted: Mon, 15 Mar 2021 10:09 by Ms Emma Garner

Parish Council Tax Precept

If you read our latest edition of Sprotbrough & Cusworth Parish Council News you will have seen our pledge not to increase the parish precept in the next financial year.

So, understandably, you will have been surprised to see when you opened your Doncaster Council Tax Bill for 2021/22 a reference to a 2% increase for the Sprotbrough & Cusworth Parish Council precept. We were just as concerned to find this out as we had agreed no increase, so we asked Doncaster Council for an explanation. More »

In short, we have not increased the precept. Our income from the precept remains the same for 2021/22 as the current 2020/21 financial year. It is a complicated financial process involving Doncaster Council's 'tax base' calculation that has led to a precept increase of 93p across the year for every Band D property in the parish.

As a Parish Council we did not anticipate this, nor have we received any additional funding as a result of the increase.

This is the explanation we received from Doncaster Council's Principal Finance Officer:

Following our phone conversation this morning regarding the 2% increase to the parish precept for 2021/22, I can confirm that this is due to a reduction in the Council Tax Base calculation.

The Council Tax Base is a calculation (as set by legislation) that effectively converts the number of actual properties within the parish into an equivalent number of Band D properties, further adjusted to account for the numbers in receipt of Local Council Tax Support, Single Person Discounts, anticipated collection rates, etc. Regarding the Council Tax Base calculation for 2021/22, many parishes will have seen a decrease in their 2021/22 Council Tax Base. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen an increase in the numbers of people in receipt of Local Council Tax Support and lower levels of property growth, both of which has had a negative impact on the Council Tax Base.

The Council Tax Base has reduced from 3,904 in 2020/21 to 3,830 in 2021/22, a 1.9% decrease. As the Precept amount is divided over the Council Tax Base to give the Band D charge, even though your Precept amount has remained unchanged at £186,507 it is being 'spread' over a reduced Council Tax Base, thereby increasing the Band D amount for 2021/22.

So in your case, the Band D charge has increased from £47.77 in 2020/21 to £48.70 in 2021/22 (an annual increase of 93p). The Band A annual increase is 62p so 1p per week rounded.

We hope this clears up any misunderstanding. » Less

Posted: Fri, 12 Mar 2021 13:58 by Ms Emma Garner